Weaving human wisdom and intelligent technology together, Suchi Reddy's interactive artwork me+you is an emblem for a positive future of coexistence with technology.

Artist Statement

Technology has brought us great knowledge, but it is our responsible use of that knowledge that matters. me+you is created through combined strengths, as an enduring cultural artifact of collective balance and a symbol for a future of coevolution.

Visitors are invited to speak a single word describing their future into the cloud base of me+you. The artwork reflects back a unique kinetic mandala as a reflection of the vision. Visitors' collective vision for the future is also displayed as a digital artifact at the center of the sculpture: a metaphor of balance between individual agency and collective responsibility.

Curated by Isolde Brielmaier, me+you will be on view in the rotunda of the Smithsonian's Arts + Industries Building as the centerpiece of the FUTURES exhibition, and marks Amazon Web Services' (AWS) first major contemporary art commission.

To allow everyone the opportunity to share their vision of the future with the world, the physical sculpture is accompanied by a digital experience designed by Hovercraft Studio, with music by Sacha Mendel.

Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building

The Arts + Industries Building (AIB) opened in 1881 as the country's first National Museum, an architectural icon in the heart of the National Mall. Its soaring halls introduced millions of Americans to wonders about to change the world—Edison's lightbulb, the first telephone, Apollo rockets. Dubbed the "Palace of Wonders" and "Mother of Museums," AIB incubated new Smithsonian museums for over 120 years before finally closing to the public in 2004. FUTURES is a milestone first step in the long-term plan to renovate and permanently reopen this landmark space.

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Suchi Reddy

Born and raised in Chennai, India, artist and architect Reddy immigrated to the United States at 18. Traveling the country and living, and working in eight states, Reddy developed a keen sense for the similarities and differences that bind communities together. Her artistic practice takes root in her architectural training with its expression as public sculpture and experiential work. She tackles issues of societal engagement using art and experience to create discourse around subjects with both local and global relevance. Her work engages material innovation and interactive technologies in the service of expressing ideas around the power of community.

In 2002, she founded her award-winning New York-based firm, Reddymade, with a human-centric approach to design, dedicated to celebrating diversity and equality, as well as addressing the economic, social, environmental, and cultural impacts of her work on both the user and the planet. Recipient of numerous awards, including the NYCxDesign award, AIA Brooklyn + Queens Award, AIA New York State Excelsior Award, and Interior Design's best of the year awards. Reddy sits on the board of the Design Trust for Public Space and Storefront for Art and Architecture. Recent and upcoming projects include collaborations with Google ("A Space For Being,"), Johns Hopkins and Muuto. In 2019, "X," her large-scale public artwork celebrating equality, diversity, and love, was installed in New York City's Times Square.

AWS Technology

How did my words create art on this website?

By contributing your word for the future, you've participated in the artwork me+you. In collaboration with artist Suchi Reddy, Amazon Web Services' (AWS) artificial intelligence (AI) services power this website and the me+you artwork—on view at the Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building's FUTURES Exhibition, in Washington, DC, open November 2021 through July 2022.

When you interact with me+you, whether on this website or in person at the Smithsonian, you're creating art with your voice and words. By speaking your feelings about the future, it manifests in a colorful mandala made of moving lights, and your art lives on in the collective memory of the sculpture.

me+you is powered by your voice and AWS AI services such as Amazon Transcribe (for voice translation), AWS Comprehend (for word understanding), Amazon SageMaker Notebook (for collaboration).

Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe adds speech to websites like this one by converting spoken words from a microphone into text (like it was typed into a keyboard).

Amazon Comprehend

Amazon Comprehend processes spoken words and identifies the sentiment of a speaker and other characteristics of a sentence or phrase, such as words that are nouns or verbs.

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker helps data scientists, researchers and developers collaborate, build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models.

What is AI?

Machine learning (ML) powers artificial intelligence (AI), allowing computers to find new patterns in data—that is, to learn. The more a machine sees an image, hears a word, or detects a pattern in data, the more accurate it becomes at recognizing similar patterns. Today, ML and AI are transforming agriculture to feed more people, helping find missing children, discovering a cure for cancer, improving access to credit in developing countries, and more.


More than one word? Contact us for media inquiries and additional information.


Julia van den Hout
PR, Reddymade

Margaret Callahan
Amazon Web Services PR

Visit the Sculpture

Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building
900 Jefferson Dr SW, Washington, DC 20560
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me+you is an interactive exhibit, meaning that it responds to participant input. You may submit voice recordings or text entries to the exhibit, and me+you will use artificial intelligence processes (discussed here) to understand the meaning and the sentiment behind your contributions. The semantic and sentiment interpretations for each contribution will be used to inform me+you's understanding of how all participants are feeling, and to determine if those feelings change over time. You may review the AWS Privacy Notice to understand how information collected in connection with me+you will be processed and protected. We have also provided some privacy statements below that are specific to your me+you contributions.

How will my contributions be used?

We will only use your contributions for the purpose of providing the exhibit. For example, we use Amazon AI services to identify the meaning and sentiment behind your contribution.

Can I be identified with my contribution?

No. Your contribution will be kept separate from any data that could identify you (for example, an IP address).

How long do you keep my contributions for?

We delete voice recording and text contributions to me+you within 24 hours. We will keep non-personal semantic and sentiment interpretations of your contributions for the lifespan of the exhibit.

Terms of Use

Before participating in me+you, please read these terms, the AWS Privacy Notice, and the AWS Site Terms, all of which apply to your use of the exhibit website. If you break these rules, or if you do anything to negatively impact the exhibit or other participants, we may terminate your access to the exhibit. In particular, please remember that this is an educational exhibit; you may not tamper with the site or attempt to bypass any security measures.

We may change or discontinue the exhibit at our discretion, and may update the exhibit rules and terms from time to time. If you continue to use the exhibit after an update, those updated rules and terms will apply.

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We care about you and your vision of the future. There are steps you can take to keep yourself safe through a crisis. Call any time 1-800-273-8255 or connect online with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to get support.

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The way that you're feeling
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